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I am a teacher of yoga, meditation and other forms of healing to people from all around this beautiful world. But I wasn't always this way.

I came to yoga with scepticism in my mind and pain in my heart. I had been on the inside of an industry which focused so much on what was on the outside, that somewhere I forgot how to connect to who I was inside. Yoga was the spark that gave me back everything that I had lost, the stability, the connection and eventually, the seed of happiness which had been uprooted through those years of neglect.  


It's been eleven years now since I started walking this path of healing. The more I learnt about and integrated these beautiful practices into my daily life, the clearer it was to me that I had found my purpose. To share my experience and knowledge with all those who seek it, to help anyone who asks.


Love is by its very nature, honest. Its the mirror that reflects our own image back at us as we truly are and is the process that allows us to work on ourselves in the most healthy, nurturing way. All too often it is covered with the dust of conditioning, of emotion, and without a tool to help us in polishing it we can keep searching for ourselves, never really finding healing.


I believe yoga and meditation is that tool.


Through body awareness, mindfulness, self introspection and consistent practice we can find freedom from constraints and become who we are truly meant to be. Its good to have you here, I look forward to meeting you one day soon.

Prianca Shharma




As human beings we have evolved to function in communities, and there is no time more important to have a group that understands you than during pregnancy and after birth. My classes are a beautiful opportunity to build those connections and get support through challenges from a loving tribe. In my prenatal classes I focus on building core strength and flexibility so that the body adapts positively to the changes it will be experiencing and I assist in building the connection between the mother and the little human inside. During my postnatal classes I focus on getting the body back into alignment and finding balance emotionally so that baby and mumma have the best start in life.



The world has finally woken up to the benefits of mindfulness and many are looking to start down the path of objective awareness. But where to find it? Meditation can seem intimidating initially but in reality it is a beautiful opportunity to become a spectator of our minds and learn how we function on the deepest levels. To develop my meditation classes and workshops I bring together traditional knowledge and the most recent breakthroughs in the science of self, so when we walk this path of examination and exploration together we know where we are going, but not where we will end up. Together we will work on bringing meditation off the mat and into every moment, out of the quiet corners and into the present. When we surrender to what is, and stop seeking control, we can find the satisfaction that we are looking for.

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Boom FESTIVAL 2021

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Rewildering Retreat

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8 days of yoga, art and nature in the jungle. Taught by Prianca Shharma and other Jungle Cats.

Close your eyes


Breathe Deep





Only the sound of leaves ruffling in the cool breeze; cuckoos and bumblebees; water trickling gently in the morning sun. So much of our life is spent chasing time, running after unfulfilling goals, exhausted from the continuous demands and distractions of Life in the Fast Lane.

It's time to Rewild!

We've put together a very special retreat to unplug and reroot into the depth of what keeps us alive - Nature. Yoga and meditation set the ground for stillness and observation; art and exploring of the jungle awaken our senses and rekindle the creative fire that burns in each of our souls!

For a few days, the jungle will become your home, your wake and sleep will be rhythm by the sounds and silence of the forest. A precious moment to start - or continue - a journey within and recharge to better reconnect with the outside world.


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Starting at 28,000 MRP

The Tribe Goa Jungle Hub,
HNO 440/K, Agonda Palolem Road, 403702 Agonda, Canacona, South Goa, India


I'm currently in: Goa, India.

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